Motherboard / Graphics Card Confusion

  Actor One 15:51 05 Feb 2006

I`m confused -

If I want a new ATI 1900 series graphic card, with the possiblity of later having a second in Crossfire mode, will I have to wait for a motherboard that supports R580 Standard or is there one now that fits the bill.

..And If I have an NVidia Nforce chipset motherboard do I have to have an nVidia graphics card?.

Don`t want to make an expensive mistake on my first own build PC.

  gudgulf 16:24 05 Feb 2006

CrossFire motherboard click here

You will nees the correct motherboard to enable Crossfire.

If you have an NVidia chipset SLI motherboard you can use either ATI or NVidia cards to run with a single graphics card, but you will need NVidia cards to set up a dual card SLI rig.

Just a thought.....

Aiming to build a high end rig as a first build project might in itself be an expensive mistake.......what is the complete spec of the pc you are considering ?

  Actor One 17:01 05 Feb 2006

Not sure on full spec yet but probably

Antec P180 SPCR black case
Seasonic S12-500 PSU or S12-600
Athlon 64 X2 4800. - I know a single core is better value for money, but this CPU is a better choice than a single core FX chip in my opinion.
2GB memory
Twin Samsung SpinPoint 120S Hard Drives in Raid 0
Motherboard to be chosen hence the above question. (If I could have an Asus A8NSLI DeLuxe with the ATI 1900 single then that`s what I would choose but as the Graphics card is yet to be chosen, I`d like the option of Crossfire being considered, though not essential. The prices will drop to below £400 in the next three months) and I don`t like nVidia Cards.
Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Extreme Music Sound card
Raptor Gaming Keyboard & mouse (or any good cord set, cordless for gaming not good enough.
probably a pair of NEC ND-4550`s
Monitor not yet considered.

I have a budget of £2500 - I don`t smoke, drink or go on many holidays. (:-)

Any suggestions on improvements (with reasons) would be appreciated.

This is a first build, but I`ve upgraded many machines in the past, and I`m now finding that even good manufacturers can`t give me the exact spec I`m looking for in a ready built machine.

  Actor One 17:05 05 Feb 2006

Gudgulf as a matter of interest the Crossfire card you sent me a link for - Asus A8R-MVP has been flamed mercilessly on many sites, including ASUS` own forum, due to the R520 chipset seemingly not being up to the job. I did see that one.

  gudgulf 18:07 05 Feb 2006

That may be the case,but I'm sure you will have noticed that Crossfire motherboards are a bit thin on the ground.

With a rig like that..especially if you go down the dual gpu route the issue of power consumption is worth reading up on.You might find this interesting click here

That's a hell of a spec,by the way.

I wouldn't mind half of your bugdet to upgrade my own rig.

One thing.......What about one of these hard drives?
Expensive I know,but I have yet to be convinced of the benefit (other than in specific benchmarks) of a RAID 0 array.Well worth a Google on the topic of "is RAID 0 faster in real world computer use".

Some of the arguments get rather heated to say the least.

And I guess you've come across this click here

Why make do with one FX when you can now have two!

Good luck with the build

  Actor One 14:19 06 Feb 2006

Thanks for these gudgulf, yes I`be noticed that Crossfire boards are thin on the ground, that`s why the original question was asked, also whether in terms of the real world that Crossfire will ever be mainstream, especially that single cards on their own are generally obsolete technology within 9 months, it was a considered option, not definite.
The power options I knew about, 600W I would imagine would be enough, though it is a thought.
Raid 0 or even raid 0-1 once again is a thought, either that or two larger non-raid discs, I see that the Raptor now has a Bigger Brother.
And as for dual core FX-60s well even somethings are beyond my considered budget (believe me it was bigger....I have had to limit it as FX-60s may well have been on my list)..there is more to life than a new computer.....

Or is there?


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