motherboard and graphics card compatibility

  doc twit 13:38 19 Jan 2008

time to upgrade! 250w power supply with no extra leads for graphics card. motherboard-
Motherboard Model: GA-8I945PM
radeon x600h

has a spare pci-e slot next to graphics card. not sure if i can run two grahics cards next to eaxh other if i replace current radeon for two new ones.
also think i will upgrade processor cooling- pentium d 820

  Bobby 20:15 19 Jan 2008

250 watts is an extremely small power supply by todays standards - if you are thinking of fitting two graphics cards, I suggest you need one at least twice as big. Modern graphics cards need an auxiliary power supply as well as the power fed from the PCI-E slot although it is possible to get adapter leads from the standard 4-pin power sockets(if you have enough of them spare)

  SANTOS7 20:19 19 Jan 2008

You will need to find out if you MOBO is SLI capable,
and as Bobby says you gonna need some serious PSU to deal with two cards...

  cream. 20:47 19 Jan 2008

I think you will find that the PCI-E slot next to the graphics card is just a PCI_E 1X slot.
click here

  cream. 20:50 19 Jan 2008

I think you will find that the PCI slot next to the graphics card is just a old PCI 1X slot.

The PCI-E 1X slot is at the end.

  doc twit 10:50 20 Jan 2008

ta guys. upgrade the power and get a good single pci-e graphics card and the ram. oh and the fan i guess.
hmmm... and the wife wants a new kitchen

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