Motherboard & Graphics Card compatibility

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I am looking to upgrade my system using an AOpen AK77-600GN motherboard, to which I intent to attach my existing Sapphire Atlantis 9700 card.

Having downloaded the manual for the motherboard, I note that there is a warning stating that it strongly recommended not to install a 3.3V AGP card that is not supported by the VIA Apollo KT600 chipsets.

As I haven?t been able to find anything on Sapphire?s web site or speak to anyone in technical support, I wondered if anyone would be able to advise whether there may be compatibility issues.. There is something on the side of the graphics card box which refers to voltages and these seem to be dependent on the AGP multiplication, which would be 8X with the AOpen board.

Any advise would be much appreciated.

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  [DELETED] 16:50 04 Oct 2003

I think it should be ok looking at the spec of the Via Apollo Chip set it does not support XGP 2x which uses 3.3volt cards.

The 9700 card you have will be 4 or 8x AGP.

If you look click here your motherboard will support the Radion 9800 amd so the 9700 which is less than a year old should be ok.

The voltages for AGP are: AGP 2X (3.3v), 4X (1.5V), 8X (0.8v)


Chip set: VIA KT600
Supported DRAM Types: DDR SDRAM only
SDR SDRAM Frequencies: Not Supported
DDR SDRAM Frequencies: PC1600, PC2100, PC2700, and PC3200
RDRAM Frequencies: Not Supported
72-pin SIMM Banking: Not Supported
168-pin DIMM Banking: Not Supported
184-pin DIMM Banking: 3 (3 banks of 1)
184-pin RIMM Banking: Not Supported
232-pin RIMM Banking: Not Supported
Module Types Supported: Unbuffered only
Max FPM: Not Supported
Max EDO: Not Supported
Max Unbuffered SDR SDRAM: Not Supported
Max Registered SDR SDRAM: Not Supported
Max Unbuffered DDR SDRAM: 3072MB
Max Registered DDR SDRAM: Not Supported
Max RDRAM: Not Supported
Error Detection Support: Non-ECC only
AGP Support: 4x and 8x
Max Component Density: 512Mb

  [DELETED] 17:17 04 Oct 2003

Many thanks, PSF.

The card runs up to 8X AGP so the voltage will be 0.8V with the new board.

This coincides with what is printed on the graphics card box but I wanted to be certain that I had understood this correctly.

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Good luck with the upgrade.

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