Motherboard & Graphics Card

  Bioshox 18:13 15 Jul 2008


I'm looking at this Mobo to buy for a High End/Gaming PC on a budged, not to good but not rubbish either:

click here

Can you tell me if this is a good one to buy?

Also, can you recommend a good nVidia GeForce 8 Series + Above. Thats under £80 that is good for gaming

Thanks In Advance

  citadel 21:15 15 Jul 2008

there is nothing any good for £80. you need £120 for a card and a motherboard that can take a core2 duo. core 2 duo cpu's overclock a lot better so you can get a cheap one like a e7200 and take it to over 3g.

  nosharpe 09:10 16 Jul 2008

that's an AMD board and it runs the latest AMD CPU's.
You can get a 320 Mb 8800GTS click here for £88 incl VAT

  Bioshox 09:43 16 Jul 2008

click here

I am now looking to use this, would i need a graphics card, or would the motherboard be sufficient for new games (A High End/Gaming Computer)

  citadel 09:51 16 Jul 2008

you are always going to need a graphics card to play games. triple sli means the board can have 3 graphics cards installed.
there are some boards that have onboard graphics but these are no good for games.

  Bioshox 10:08 16 Jul 2008

Okay thanks.
Can anyone reccomend any good, but non expencive graphic cards, that nVidia 7+


  Ditch999 16:30 16 Jul 2008

nosharpes link to a 8800GTS is the best you will get for that sort of money. Just bear in mind that your power supply will most likely need upgrading as well to something like a 800watt one.

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