Motherboard fsb / cpu fsb ??

  El Cavaliero! 15:58 25 Feb 2003

Currently running athlon thunderbird 700mhz on Asus A7v board. Saw 1.3 Gig athlon on at good price but quoted a fsb of 266mhz. Think my motherboard runs at 200 fsb. Will a 266 fsb chip work & if so will its performance be affected?


  goonerbill 16:19 25 Feb 2003

it may run but will only run at 1ghz if set at 200fsb. have a look at this site for athlons that run at 200 mhz click here

  goonerbill 16:32 25 Feb 2003

looking at the prices, it would probably be just as cheap to buy new mobo and athlon xp cpu

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