Motherboard - Flash or EXE.

  spuds 00:21 03 Sep 2003

I have just had a new AMD 2200 cpu installed in my machine. Due to the motherboard,which is an EliteGroup ECS K7 SEM, the cpu is showing only as a 1700.I have been adviced to download a new driver to correct this problem. Checking out the mobo website, it gives me the choice of a Flash or EXE. I do not want to cause any harm or future problems, so which one do I use as the upgrade, Flash or EXE. I also notice that the site gives me alternatives, such as PCB1-PCB2 etc. I do not have this PCB information, so what do I do!.

  Rayuk 09:36 03 Sep 2003

click here

If you look on the board between the agp and pci slot is there a marking for the version no of your board stamped there.

If it is then check above link to download the right bios[be very careful when flashing bios,make sure you follow instructions to the letter]

When you start your pc on the post screen pause it and look for the bios no,this should also help you find out which version board you have

  spuds 19:44 03 Sep 2003

Will check through the advice given.

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