motherboard and fans problem

  bilbo baggins3 19:14 13 Mar 2003

Thank you all for your speedy response. The fans are all connected to the motherboard. Originally I had a mainboard fan and the CPU fan. I replaced the CPU fan with a new one and introduced a new chassis fan. I have the cover off and can see they are not responding, and have a utility installed that shows CPU temperature and fan speeds. Fan speeds reading is N/A.I can only run this for a short time for obvious reasons. I am glad to hear that the CPU should be ok, but what can I do to get the fans working. Is it a new m/b.

  Rayuk 19:25 13 Mar 2003

You should have posted back on your original thread.
Your cpu is in danger of being fried without the fan running as someone posted in your original thread the older Athlons dont have thermal shutdown.You could use a connector to plug it into the molex connector from your power supply and see if it runs.

  matt5705 19:26 13 Mar 2003

well i tryed this software and i got no readings so i was conserned so i tested the tempeture and all the fans and it was fine windows should tell you if theres a problem

  Rayuk 19:34 13 Mar 2003

Have you posted in the right thread?
If yes,then please reread first post where he says the fans are not turning[they should be]

  Gongoozler 19:38 13 Mar 2003

Hi bilbo baggins3. It is possible that the motherboard has some sort of fan control circuit and this has been damaged, it is also possible that you have not connected the fan correctly. Is the fan connector the right way round? The other option is to connect the fans to the drives power cable. This may have a spare 4-way connector that you can use. Adaptor cables are available to connect the fan to one of these, or you can identify the 5V conductor and connect the fan between this and a 0V conductor (make sure you get the 5V and 0V the right way round or the fan will rotate in the wrong direction and be very inefficient). Unless you are confident with this, then using an adaptor cable is the safest way. This will of course prevent the motherboard monitoring the fan speed.

  bilbo baggins3 20:09 13 Mar 2003

I am using a different pc at the moment. I tested a fan from the problem pc in this pc and it worked on booting up. The fans were already connected when I moved the m/b and were not touched. The shaped connectors appear to only fit one way round. I can only assume that there is a fault with the m/b

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