Motherboard Fan Problem

  Condom 18:23 09 Aug 2008

I have an aging ASUS A7M266 motherboard. When installing a new & bigger hard drive I noticed that the tiny fan on the AMD761 System Controller chip (north bridge) was not working. Despite cleaning it still didn't work. I have no idea how long it might not have been like this. ASUS have been less than helpful as enquiries their way only resulted in many e-mails from Hong Kong mostly hoping I had a nice day but little else. The fan housing is fixed to the motherboard so I imagine it needs a proprietary replacement. ASUS are deafining in their silence about being able to get a replacement so can anyone help about getting one or even some advice as to whether I really need a fan. Some models of this motherboard show a heat sink which I could probably get but I'm worried about removing the fan housing. Seems a shame to ditch a perfectly good motherboard for sake of a £1 fan.

  citadel 18:32 09 Aug 2008

you probably don't need it, you could add a case fan to increase airflow if you wanted.

  Mr Mistoffelees 18:43 09 Aug 2008

Have a look at these click here

The existing heatsink will not adequately cool with no fan, it was fitted for a reason. The Zalman coolers have a much greater surface area. If you have a large graphics card, make sure it offers enough clearance.

  Condom 18:54 09 Aug 2008

Thanks Mr Mistoffelees as these coolers look the business. At the present time my motherboard is working with the fan still on but not working. The manual does show some pictures of this motherboard with a normal basic heatsink where I have a fan and that is why I wondered if the fan was really necessary. I too thought that it must have been fitted for a reason and that is why I was still a little worried. Removing the fan housing worries me but it seems it might not be as bad as I thought as the coolers you pointed me to talk about push pins and I think this is what holds my fan housing in place. I think I'll give one of these coolers a go as I have plenty space for one.

  Condom 13:49 12 Aug 2008

Mr Mistoffelees. Your recommended cooler arrived this morning and is now installed and working 100%. Installing was much easier than I anticipated. The spring pins supplied with the cooler looked similar to those holding the broken fan in place and so very little brute force managed to remove the fan and its housing from the motherboard and the new cooler clipped easily into the now vacant spring holes. ASUS were an absolute dead loss as their latest e mail says that they do not supply parts for broken motherboards.

  Mr Mistoffelees 18:36 12 Aug 2008

Glad you are fixed but, doesn't bode well for me if my motherboard fan fails. My graphics card is too big to allow a Zalman cooler to be fitted.

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