Motherboard failure?

  boybrown 17:53 20 Feb 2004

Hi folks,

I need to come back to a previous problem.

My hard drive appeared to fail and the mobo would not locate it at all. Even when I tried using my boot disk it didn't read a drive. I then got a new drive but as soon as I tried to connect it the machine shorts out. I got advice from this forum that it may be the power supply so I got a new power supply. I have just installed it and as soon as I connect the power the machine shorts as soon as I try to power up. The Mobo powers up fine when a h/drive is not connected, it will even start up when I have connected the disk drive and floppy, but as soon as I connect a hard drive then it shorts out. I have switched the IDE cables in case it was an IDE port problem but no joy.

Does anyone have a clue what it could be. It is literally when I power the hard drive and I have tried two now!

cheers :-)

  SmiffyRebel 18:10 20 Feb 2004

Is your PC getting past the POST if so have you tried going into the BIOS on startup. Also you say the the MOBo is shorting could you be a bit more precise as to what is happening on boot up.
Do you get a display on the monitor, do you get any bleeps.

  Paranoid Android 18:20 20 Feb 2004

Please describe exactly what happens when it 'shorts out'. What do you mean by this ?

Do you get any flashes / crackling sounds / clicks / beeps or does it just refuse to boot ? Do you get any LED activity ? Does the cooling fan 'twitch' ?

I assume you are NOT trying to connect the drive with the system powered up?

Have you tried resetting the CMOS ?


  boybrown 18:30 20 Feb 2004

Cheers for the response. As soon as the hard drive is connected and I try to power up the red power light comes on, no beeps or anything, and then immediately goes off again, nothing else happens. As soon as I disconnect the power to the h/drive again then the computer starts up normally (apart from not being able to locate the h/drive obviously), the fan kicks in and everything seems fine. Turn off the computer, connect the power to the h/drive again and red light, then nothing!

  woodchip 18:32 20 Feb 2004

Faulty MOBO

  woodchip 18:33 20 Feb 2004

As the Drive worked OK before if not it could be Faulty Drive

  boybrown 18:34 20 Feb 2004

Hi woodchip,

Thanks for the response. I am going to try to reset the CMOS as a last ditch attempt!

  boybrown 18:39 20 Feb 2004

Can I just check that to short my cmos I mover the jumper from the tow pins that it is covering to cover the middle one and the one that was normally exposed, leave for a few seconds and reset the jumpers?

  woodchip 18:50 20 Feb 2004

Yes if that's the correct jumper and then put it back into the run position after

  boybrown 18:56 20 Feb 2004

Yep I've tried it and no joy! Luckily i'vw got a comp that i'm able to scavenge the parts from..
Thanks to everyone for their help

me :-)

RIP mobo

  Paranoid Android 20:18 20 Feb 2004

Sounds like the IDE controller chip is U/S.


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