Motherboard dead? continuous warble bleep.

  Diemmess 21:27 27 Aug 2003

A year ago I brokered a deal for an elderly friend's first computer.......... He uses it solely for digital photography having a lifetime collection of colour transparencies which he now scans, poshes up and prints.

The computer was ex-accountant office, which from memory has a Pentium III of the "slocket"? type and long since discontinued mobo.

Tonight when he tried to boot up, lights came on in usual places, fans whirred and then a warble like a pretend police car - dee dah dee dah .... continuously and no image on the monitor (which also showed "on" light.)

I am posting this not having seen the computer because it is 12 miles away and too late to go out tonight.

The accountancy IT man said they had had trouble with some of these motherboards where a burn out had occured close to the CPU.

Sorry I don't remember the name of the mobo nor the BIOS, but would like views on whether this mobo is truly dead.

  Diemmess 21:52 27 Aug 2003


  [DELETED] 22:02 27 Aug 2003

there must be some hope! Could be anything!

Someone brought me a computer - said it was dead as a Dodo - no life in it he said. I opened it up and there was life alright! It was full of earwigs!

Wait until you see the machine.


  Diemmess 22:14 27 Aug 2003

I have just checked with my daughter who had a identical computer at the same deal. Her mobo failed this Spring and my grandson remembered that it made a burble and nothing else when switched on.

It is certainly not the PSU and there has been no physical disturbance between the last successful bootup and tonight's total refusal to do anything useful at all!

Thanks anyway, I will put my Bovver boots on and give it a kicking tomorrow.

  [DELETED] 23:13 27 Aug 2003

Could be the motherboard, had this with a brand new one when I built this system. Even though it was the motherboard it was linked to the memory, dodggy curites.

With this in mind, before comdemming the motherboard to the scrap yard, Try this, take out the memory and give a clean, pref with air I've done it using a pure brisal paint brush Don't touch the connecter on the bottum edge, either with hand or brush. Then reseat them back in and try, if still doesn't work and you have more than one repeat latter but use one card at a time. If you can match the memory with ones that work (prehaps yours might be the same) try this as well.

If it gives you any hope, I've just had similar happen with my system, everything fired and no-screen and a well of a noise. The above curred it. I think its all the hot weather we been having, causing expansion in the memory cards which worked it loose, and also they were pretty dusty, have only been in for about six months, but there you go.

  Diemmess 18:14 28 Aug 2003

Have been to visit today and spent a careful time checking this old computer.

Tried removing and inserting each of 2 memory chips in turn.

Tried removal of the enormous pentium (Socket 1 or Slocket?) device and checked its cleanliness.

Tried a spare Voodoo PCI card instead of the S3 AGP video card.

Absolutely nothing changed, though the monitor did insist on repeating "No signal."

Time for my 82 year old friend to dip in his pocket. I think in consultaion with a mutual friend we will go the route of a motherboard bundle with uprated PSU rather than a brand new box.

Thanks Bodi and jospar.


  [DELETED] 21:16 28 Aug 2003

So it's a case of earwigo again!

Seriously, sorry to hear that - hoped you'd work some kind of miracle.


  [DELETED] 23:32 28 Aug 2003

Stictly speaking, the POST test continuous warble alarm is either PSU or PSU connection. But could be mobo or anything else if voltage is dragged down too low. Don't try the PSU in another PC before trying to power up a known duff device first (that you don't care about) to check the voltages under some small load. I think a PSU is cheaper + simpler than mobo to replace.

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