motherboard dead

  tugtac 14:40 28 Jul 2008

Have just fitted a 2nd hand motherboard,it fails to fire up, not a peep but the m/board power on indicator diode is lit green.
I have checked the power unit, the cpu, the memory the cmos battery, the motherboard settings are as per the manual, the cmos has been cleared.
Can anyone think of something Ihave missed or can do before assuming the motherboard is U/S?
thanks in hope!

  woodchip 14:57 28 Jul 2008

Did you say you tried a known good PSU?

  woodchip 14:59 28 Jul 2008

Also have you tried starting it with only basic bits? no Drives Connected and only one strip Memory no PCI cards only Graphics

  DieSse 14:59 28 Jul 2008

Check the wiring to the case front panel VERY carefully.

  skidzy 19:12 28 Jul 2008

Though stating the obvious,check your power headers are connected correctly.

  woodchip 22:19 28 Jul 2008

Though the PSU's may work are they big enough to carry the load? Also do you know if the CPU is working ok

  MsTechie 22:24 28 Jul 2008

When testing a second hand M/B I always test it outside of the case - you didnt say if you had done this- with a known working PSU.

  tugtac 21:53 29 Jul 2008

many thanks for all suggestions, tried them all and some must be a faulty board

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