Motherboard damaged???

  lagz33 19:59 09 Aug 2008

was rebuilding my pc in a new case, connected front panel audio cables to the pins i thought were the right ones. booted up plugged speakers into front audio jack. crackle!!!!

pc was still running but no visual and did nt react to power button being held down.
switched off psu and then pc wud nt boot up again, lights on mobo light up but no life.

Tested with other psu, same thing.

Any ideas wat ive managed to fry here, as all components are expensive

  MAT ALAN 20:23 09 Aug 2008

connected front panel audio cables to the pins i thought were the right ones.

You will need to know if your wiring and connections are correct before you continue, what ever we suggest, if they are still wrong, will end up with the same scenario...

I would suggest you get somebody more qualified to look at your connections for you...

  lagz33 20:28 09 Aug 2008

im a pc techinician lol, this is my own pc. Lost manual for my asus crosshair. i was excited to get it up and running and connected it to what i thought was the right thing as there was no other pins tht would fit. Havent checked asus website to see if they even have the pins that i required.
What i want to know is what else could be damaged, I can test my equipment at work on monday but im hoping it is just the mobo.
What do you think?

  I am Spartacus 20:31 09 Aug 2008

I think I won't use the company you work for, ever. Who is it you work for?

  lagz33 20:33 09 Aug 2008

a small pc repair business, i am a junior.
I just want advice not criticisms.

  I am Spartacus 20:37 09 Aug 2008


Download it!

  Joe R 20:42 09 Aug 2008


download the manual here. click here

  MAT ALAN 20:47 09 Aug 2008

Only fair test would be to fit another Mobo WITHOUT the front panel audio cables fitted and see what happens...

  lagz33 21:30 09 Aug 2008

turns out, the purpose of the pins wasnt even in the manual, i should have connected them to a supplied mini pci sound card. im just hoping that its only the board thts fried.

  dermot-titus 21:34 09 Aug 2008


Unplug all the front panel connectors and short the power pins to kick start the system.

  lagz33 21:37 09 Aug 2008

I am going to buy a new board regardless, i will then find out if ive fried anything else.

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