Motherboard and CPU for gaming

  j41 19:36 15 Dec 2004

Hi folks,
What recommendations?

I have: -
Athlon 1400+
Asus A7V333 m/b
Gainward Ti4200 128mb
M-Audio 24/96

I have played FarCry and things went fine, but feel it would have been better with a faster cpu. I'm sure HL2 will be the same. My worry is that the m/b won't take bigger than a 2000+ athlon. If I get another motherboard and cpu, will it take my memory, or will I need to upgrade that as well?

My pocket is not a bottomless pit, and I dont want / need cutting edge stuff.

What do you guys think, I respect your opinions.

  Alex-188000 19:41 15 Dec 2004

make sure ur motherboard tkes the same format of memory as you've got now. It will say which one it takes.

  j41 19:43 15 Dec 2004

any decent bundles out there?

  sicknote 19:53 15 Dec 2004

Your board will take a 2800 Athlon xp with the memory you have but you will have to flash bios to at least 1016

click here

  j41 20:01 15 Dec 2004

cheers sicknote! I'm happy again.

I have BIOS Rev.1017!

Do you reckon a 2800+ will see me through another year or two, as far as games go?

  j41 20:07 15 Dec 2004

mind you... now i've checked, Sandra tells me m/b version is Rev1.xx

click here

tells me that pcb 1.01 will only support 2600+

is pcb 1.01 the same as Rev1.xx?

  Totally-braindead 20:16 15 Dec 2004

I always go by the Bios number shown on the screen when the PC boots up( at the top of the screen). Regarding motherboard and processor bundles Novatech do some at a good price if you want to change your motherboard as well, however its worth noting that AMD have recently changed their socket again and if you buy a Socket A mainboard you might be unable to install a faster processor in the future. But as usual its swings and roundabouts with these things, it all depends on what you want and how much you're willing to spend to ensure you can upgrade. My mainboards a Socket A and I'll not even think about upgrading it for a couple of years. Or so I think now anyway but I suppose this well depend on what specs the new PC games want.

  j41 20:23 15 Dec 2004


good point about staying with socket a for the foreseeable future, i dont need a rocketship!

i flashed the bios to 1017 at the beginning of the year. i am unsure about the pcb version 1.01 on the asus site, and sisoft sandra giving "mainboard version Rev1.xx" are they the same? if not i can use a 3000+, if they are, it looks like it will have to be a 2600+. Mind you, a 2600+ will probably do the job, as the current 1700+ seems quite good with FarCry.

  Totally-braindead 20:45 15 Dec 2004

Remember the 2600 will be cheaper than the 3000 and you could spend the money on something else. Maybe put toward a graphics card for example or a couple of nights at the pub. My PC is a 2600 with an MSI 5900XT graphics card and 512mb RAM it ran Farcry beautifully at 1024x768. My PC will run anything that I've seen so far I only upgrade or think about upgrading when I start finding programs that don't run too well with what I have. PC prices fall all the time, if today you get a 2000mhz for £500 next year you'll either get a 2000mhz for £300 or a 3000mhz for the same £500( if you see what I mean).

  j41 21:09 15 Dec 2004

I just don't know how much of an advantage, upgrading from a 1700+ to a 2600+ would be. On paper, it doen't seem much. If anyone has an opinion, it would be welcome.

...but having said that, a 2600+ = £60. mb and new cpu £200+. If I do the 2600+ that means £140+ down the pub ;-)

  sicknote 21:26 15 Dec 2004

I would confirm your M/B version by reading it off the board,

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