motherboard connectivity issues ms 6506

  User-5AC27907-C53B-4F3B-AE06D6AFCC37975E 00:48 18 Feb 2004

hi there
i am trying to put my friends motherboard from his desktop csae into a tower one so he can use the graphics card he bought and everything was going fine until i discovered that i didn't have a clue where to put the front panel connector leads on the motherboard. i know they go where they always go but i dont know in what order. it is a 16 pin array and all i really need is the power and reset switches but i cant find where they should go. i checked on the manufacturers website, here ---> click here but i don't really understand the meaning of all the codes used to identify the pin placements. the motherboard is model no. ms 6506 and i think its made by discovery from what i've found out so far. if you have this board, any help would be appreciated, or if you can translate the codes from the manufacturers website and tell me if they'll work with my standard p4/atx complient case that would be great too.

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