Motherboard bundle

  Dumble452 08:55 01 Mar 2004

I have an aging Pentium ll 233 machine and am considering buying a new case and motherboard bundle from Novatech. Would this be worthwhile or should I go for a completely new machine and keep my old one as a spare?

  Diodorus Siculus 09:22 01 Mar 2004

New case, new PSU, new mobo, new ram, new processor almost equals a new machine!

You can use current hdd as a backup drive.

What optical drives do you have / want? Keep the one you have and use it for testing / hardware firewall / something like that.

  Gongoozler 09:28 01 Mar 2004

Hi Dumble452. It depends on how much of your old computer you can reuse, and how much you enjoy dabbling with the insides of computers. If your case is ATX, and the drives are useable, then you can update the computer to a fairly high performance for well under £100. I recently rebuilt a computer for a friend using a Syntax SV266A (£22.21 inc VAT) click here, 1.6G Duron (£24.08 inc VAT) click here and to supply the extra power a QTech 400W supply (£15.86 inc VAT) click here. These parts cost a total of £62. I also fitted a new CD-ROM drive (£12), 128M memory (about £25) and of course a heatsink (about £5). So for about £100, the computer does all that is required of it. You may choose different parts, but this is an example of what can be done.

  : : Radioactive Frog : : 09:37 01 Mar 2004

Just to add to both responses above,

If you are not familiar with pulling machines apart then buying a motherboard bundle from novatech would be a good place to start....

As for keeping your old machine ..... well do you have a use for it? if yes then it would be worth buying a whole new machine but if it is gonna site under the stairs gathering dust then i would just upgrade !!!

Just my thoughts, hope it helps


  Dumble452 10:09 01 Mar 2004

Thanks for the rapid reponses. Have checked and yes, it is an ATX case. Phoenix motherboard. 224 mb sdram, ATI 3D Rage pro graphics card. Crystal PnP audio, Ethernet card. IDE CDrom drive. IDE CD rewriter. 2x IDE HDDs 2.7gb and 6.4 gb (about 6gb free}. Reliable old HP Scanjet 5p (SCUSI) scanner with SCUSI card.
I was thinking of a new case and paying Novatech to install the motherboard because my previous experience of tinkering inside the case has been limited to adding memory, adding a second HDD and installing the CDrom rewriter. i.e. I can identify slots and plug things in. I don't know anything about power supplies, sidebuses etc and setting up a motherboard.
Should add I'm approaching 60 rapidly!

  Gongoozler 11:23 01 Mar 2004

Hi Dumble452, don't worry anout rapidly approaching 60, I was there 2 years ago! If you are ok with formatting a hard drive and reinstalling Windows, the nuts and bolts bit is quite easy, if you need any advice, just post back here and ask.

The only parts of your kit I can see any problem with are the SCSI card if it's ISA fitting (I don't think any motherboards these days have ISA slots), the sdram if it isn't PC100 (the Syntax motherboard I mentioned above can take PC100 as well as DDR, most others will only take DDR. Also check whether your case is full ATX and not micro ATX. Are your graphics and sound PCI cards or integrated into the motherboard. You can check this by looking at the position of the connectors at the back.

  SGT [email protected] 11:40 01 Mar 2004

like the man said don't worry about being 60 , i'm 34 and intend to mess around with pc's until i'm 80 or dead whichever comes first.

if you can learn how to install hdd's and cd roms and the odd stick of ram it wont take a lot more knowledge to install a motherboard as long as you read the instructions.

in fact its nice to see people of 50 and over playing with the insides of pc's instead of just saying"its too complicated for a person my age , computers are for young people".

good luck to you and if you need any help at all then don't be afraid to ask the people in this helproom , its why we registered.

when do do post a question , query or worry , don't forget to give us a full spec listing and model names of any hardware so we can research the bits and pieces so we can give you hopefully the right answer to any of your questions.


  Dumble452 15:13 01 Mar 2004

Thanks for all your helpful and encouraging comments. I will check out the queries and get back in a day or two.

  Gongoozler 15:38 01 Mar 2004

If you want to see what a mixed bunch we are on this forum, click here

  Dumble452 08:31 15 Mar 2004

Sorry its taken me a while to get back. After mulling over the options I've decided to build a new machine, then I can kep my scanner until I can afford a new one. Also I will still have a working PC and internet access if I run into any problems. I have got a few further questions. Which to choose click here or click here ?
I mainly use my machine for internet access, word processing and digital photography, very little game playing.
Also do I need to migrate to Windows XP or can I stay with Windows 98se ? What are the advantages and disadvantages?
As I will be building a system with a large HDD should I consider partitioning the drive?
Thanks in advance for your assistance.

  Diodorus Siculus 08:46 15 Mar 2004

Win98SE is a worthy OS and if you want to save £60 or so, then stay with it. You can later install XP when you can afford it. XP however is very useful and will make a difference. click here
to get a CD from MS with updates for various OSs which will save you having to download them.

Partitioning is a good idea to my mind; two seperate disks also have an advantage over one if you can afford them. Either way, partioning will be necessary. It can be done before installation of Windows.

I cannot suggest one bundle over the other as I know little of motherboards / hardware in general.

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