is motherboard broken or not ??????

  stephen1978 09:16 08 Jan 2010

can someone tell me if
1)my motherboard on ma laptop is broken ??? or not ???

if the motherboard is broken would the laptop turn on ???..

wat happened is my son of 2yrs jumped on the back of the screen when it was closed

  bremner 09:30 08 Jan 2010

To give an informed view we need ore information.

What happens when you power the laptop up?

  stephen1978 09:36 08 Jan 2010

when i power it up it gose on but has lines going across the screen so u cant see the actual display......but it dose turn on ?

the reason i was asking was i put it in to a shop for the screen to be sorted and the chap phones me to tell me the motherboard is knackered he said the something about pins that conect the screen to the motherboard are broken

  bremner 09:41 08 Jan 2010

It is clear that the problem is with the display and the chaps diagnosis is consistent with that.

If you have doubts ask him to show you the broken pins or take it elsewhere for a second opinion.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:42 08 Jan 2010

Yes that sounds plausible, the laptop would still boot but would give the symptoms described.

You may find that the laptop would still work with a monitor attached to the VGA port but then of course it loses its functionality as a portable device.

  stephen1978 09:42 08 Jan 2010

but if they pins where broken would the laptop still turn on

  bremner 09:48 08 Jan 2010

Yes - the pins only supply the signal to the screen.

  kalignorgna 13:07 08 Jan 2010

"motherboard is knackered he said the something about pins that conect the screen to the motherboard are broken"

With laptops there are two connecters that feed to the screen a ribbon cable for the display and a 3 pin power connecter. The power connecter can be replaced in with most laptops (that I have come across) the ribbon cable is a bit more tricky because a lot of laptops have this cable fixed into the motherboard. I doubt that the ribbon cable is broke so I suspect that it is the power connecter he is referring to. In which case he may be able to replace the cable and if necessary the backing light/ circuit board which sits just below the screen which has the power cable from the board feeding into it.

i would also recommend getting a second opinion before agreeing to any work

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