'Motherboard Brand ID - P4B266-VMX Again as it

  Giggle n' Bits 01:04 22 Mar 2003

was not an Asus even though the print on the board looks like Asus.

This motherboard has a Intel Celeron 1.7GHz, Intel chipset I think, onboard VGA & Sound, its in a Compaq Evo D.310 (Black & silver Desktop case) Was running WinXP or XP Pro.

The Bios is a American Megatrends and it has a really slow boot up and horrible hewllet Packard Splash screen.

Would like to ident the Board to finds the Audio & VGA chips for Drivers as Windows is a no go no restrore Fairly dead HDD. Also even the Pre post boot is poor.

Anyone know what board are in these Compaq Evo's ?

  Djohn 01:12 22 Mar 2003

Are you sure about the model no. I have had a look and can't find any reference to it.

  User-312386 01:12 22 Mar 2003

sisandra click here and this will tell you all you need to know about motherboard, bios etc etc


  Djohn 01:19 22 Mar 2003

Found it, hope this link works, because I'll never find my way back! click here^type=89301^category=300005,00.html?lsidebarLayId=79&rsidebarLayId=64

  User-312386 01:21 22 Mar 2003

here is the link you really wanted mate click here the asus motherboard

  User-312386 01:24 22 Mar 2003

if you go to the asus site click here and type in P4B266 (leaving out the VMX) you will find it


  Djohn 01:28 22 Mar 2003

Yep! that's where I ended up from the google/Compaq site and link, just whent the long way round and made a mess of the link, sorry.

  tenor 10:35 22 Mar 2003

Told you it was an asus.

  tenor 10:37 22 Mar 2003

O:E:M:for compaq

  Giggle n' Bits 13:39 22 Mar 2003

There is no anr/cnr riser slot like Asus board, there is only 3 PCI, 1 AGP but built in Audio & VGA chip.

The lay out is very close to the Asus but different with te PCI's & no amr/cnr & there is built in Lan/networking thing.

Thanks all for looking but I am afraid to say it is not an Asus board.

  DieSse 15:50 22 Mar 2003

Did you look on the Compaq site to download drivers, as i originally suggested.

Are you saying that ME will not install? - you will not require drivers to do an install - the basic drivers "always" work. if you can't even get this far, you have a problem which must be fixed, and which is not due to drivers.

The board may well be a Compaq "special" - never put on sale to the general public, thus impossible to find out about, except via Compaq.

If you can give the exact model and serial number from your system, i will attempt to find and point you to the details you want.

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