Motherboard Brand ID - P4B266-VMX ?

  Giggle n' Bits 12:37 20 Mar 2003

Helping a frined out with a Compaq Evo-D310-DT which is also merged with Hewllet Packard.

The Motherboard has P4B266-VMX it has 2 x DDR DIMS, Intel Celeron 1.7GHz CPU, and dead HDD.

Before replacing the HDD trying to identify Drivers as there are more than 1 for Audio(Built in), VGA-built in and intel chipset.

I did think of Asus but searched google and was really confused to who it is made by. Even though this desktop (Not tower) is 4 months old the warrenty has be lost due to the way it was purchased by a 3rd party cat company who ceased trading.

The Motherboard id is more important as it had WinXP Pro on (No disks or Docs) and friend prefers win 98Se which I don't think will be possible because of the drivers.

  billyliv 14:13 20 Mar 2003

Hi, Your operating system Win XP is contained on your hard disc and not on your motherboard. If as you say your hard drive is dead,then your Win XP is gone. Do you not know of a local techie who can have a look at your system for you? Cheers, Bill

  DieSse 14:14 20 Mar 2003

I think you may find Compaq will want to satisfy the warranty if this is a new system - especially if you explain to then about the demise of the retailer. Why not give them a call and ask them.

Even if not Compaq, then the HDD manufacturer would almost certailny deal with you direct. Try their web-site.

  tenor 14:15 20 Mar 2003

The mobo is asus.

  DieSse 14:20 20 Mar 2003

Following on from what billyliv says, if the HDD is dead, all the software and drivers you had on it are lost.

It is inconceivable that a system that was running WinXP would not quite happily run Win98. If and when you install it, quite probably Win98 will automatically pick up the majority of the hardware - it will work in any case - then you can run one of the system details programs, such as AIDA32 to help you fnd the details of all the hardware, and to download drivers.

Also, if you go to the Compaq site and give full details of your system including serial numbar, you will probably find it tells you exactly what was in the system when it shipped. I've done that on systems several years old.

  Giggle n' Bits 01:58 21 Mar 2003

I now remmember print/font lettering on the M/board.

Will have a look at Asus site and download the manual.

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