Motherboard Bios update, to upgrade RAM

  Ronbin45 22:11 06 Mar 2010

I opened up to computer to seek out the motherboard reference, P5VD2-NVM/S, An Asus mother board. The PC is a Packard Bell. I haven't been able to find a direct ref. to the board itself online, even the Asus website.

I am looking for a BIOS up date so my motherboard will recognise the RAM I have installed, I put a 2Gb card in and the original 512Mb card, however only 1.4Gb of RAM are seen on the system info.

I am using XP sp.3, I found a BIOS up date for the computer model number on Packard Bell website dated 2007, which appeared to make no difference.

I am now at the limit of my computing knowledge, so any advice about finding the limitations of the motherboard would be greatly appreciated!

  ton 23:16 06 Mar 2010

Have you tried removing the 512Mb ?

  DieSse 16:19 07 Mar 2010

click here (NB - a very slow download) is the closest I could get to your motherboard.

It does appear to support 2GB modules - however it would seem as if your system is only recognising half of the capacity of the new module.

Can you tell us the exact spec of your new module - better still a link to the site you bought it from (assuming you bought it off the web.)

It's possible you haven't got the correct module.

  GaT7 16:59 07 Mar 2010

Also let us know the exact Packard Bell model.

If it's recognising only half of the 2Gb module, then the reason for that could be that it's high-density RAM - the wrong type for your board as DieSse suggests.

Look up your PC at Crucial click here, which will tell you the RAM you need, & the maximum it will take. G

  Ronbin45 21:39 07 Mar 2010

I bought 2 x techguys 2Gb ddr2 ram,

click here

to replace the 512mb, the computer didn't recognise one at all in one slot, in the other it wouldn't start. So I removed that and got a refund on the assumption it was faulty.

without the 512mb in the slot only 960mb is seen.

The model is a Packard bell i start 3159, (bought 2006) the case looks identical to the i start 1379 (2007)

Pb Model selector link:

click here

  Ronbin45 21:52 07 Mar 2010

crucial details

click here

States my computer should recognise 3 or 3.5Gb, perhaps trying another new 2Gb card to confirm the refunded on was a dud might do the trick?

  GaT7 13:37 08 Mar 2010

I had a look on Crucial click here, & they say it'll take a maximum of only 1Gb per slot.

So you need 2x 1Gb modules, rather than the 2x 2Gb modules you purchased.

£17.49 each at PCW click here. G

  Ronbin45 17:46 08 Mar 2010

thanks very much for your help.

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