Motherboard- Betta Buy.

  spuds 10:29 29 Jun 2004

I am in the process of building an AMD based computer, but I need further help in deciding the best motherboard to use from the following selection. Asus A7V8X-X click here MSI KM2M Combo-L click here Abit VA-10 click here

Which is the Betta Buy or would you recommend a better one with similar specs and same price.

The processor that I intend using is a AMD XP 2500 333FSB 512 L2 cache Barton.

Would it be possible to fit P133 memory into these boards, without many problems!.

Help and advice gladly appreciated, as always.

  spuds 18:10 29 Jun 2004

Abit motherboards click here

  Dorsai 18:27 29 Jun 2004

As for the memory Question. If the new Mobo uses DDR (Double Data Rate) then PC133 (and PC100), which are not DDR, won't even fit, let alone work...uses a different type of socket, to stop us plugging the wrong type in..

I can only get your first link to work, but as PC133 & PC100 ram are old tech., and i guess all new Mobo's use DDR of one type or another..I suggest they you bite the bullet and buy some new ram. As you are getting a new mobo, and i guess an up to date CPU, it would be a shame to strangel it with really slow ram, and so lose the speed advantage of really slow memory (even if it fitted).

  spuds 19:07 29 Jun 2004

Thanks dorsai for information.Checked links and they see to work okay, excluding third link.

  slimbo51 19:16 29 Jun 2004

Running 2 high end computers myself one with the Asus A7V8X-X and the other with an Abit NF7.

Never had any probs with either board.

I only use DDR400 generic ram, again with no probs.

  Dorsai 19:23 29 Jun 2004

Well there you go, the second link worked this time.

Both the first and second link mobo's use DDR SDRAM. I know prom personal experiance that PC133/PC100 and DDR ram are not interghangeable (spelt wrong) as i bought a new mobo, and my old ram was no good to me...the most obvious difference is that DDR ram has one little tab in the slot (to make it only go in one way up) while PC100/133 has two (for same reason). you can just about see this in the enlarged piccy, as a gap in the copper contacts just over half way down.

  spuds 22:55 29 Jun 2004

Looks like I will settle for the Asus A7V8X-X after reading further good reviews on this board.

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