Motherboard battery failure

  standby 11:33 24 Jan 2005



Use an old computor as standby but the Motherboard Bios battery which is soldered to the board has failed. Advice as to where I might obtain a Three Pin Connector...BERG Connector ?...that will fit over the alternative connection nearby when the jumper is removed would be appreciated, also the new battery.

Did read somewhere one time that in emergency four AA batteries taped together and wired to give six volts could be connected problem would be how does one connect up to the pins, two of which are common when jumper in situ. I also must say that I question the voltage but any advice welcome.

  Graham ® 11:37 24 Jan 2005

1.5 volts - it's a cell.

  standby 13:32 24 Jan 2005


Many thanks for info. Did think voltage was over the top so AA batts wired in parallel would've made more sense...this was a reputable source but why four batteries ?.

Strange but the Berg three pin connector is available at Maplins but with a 4.5 battery !!.

Thanks again anyway.


  Graham ® 14:03 24 Jan 2005

Apologies, the battery voltage is more likely to be 4.5 volts. Any markings on the battery, make and model?

click here

  standby 15:09 24 Jan 2005


Thanks again. Only markings that are visible due to construction are Rayovac/Lithium with the visible plate marked voltage I'm afraid. Reckon my problem is solved though.

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