motherboard advice

  Bailey08787 21:30 28 Aug 2003

i think of myself as pretty well-informed when it comes to the various hardware and software of a pc.

However, one area where my expertise severely lacks is motherboards.

I find it hard to keep up with all the different manufacturers, and their serial numbers for motherboards.

I have a P4 1.8ghz, 128mb GeForce 4 Leadtek Ti 4400, 768mb rdram, 80gb drive, Win XP Pro.

A spec I'm pretty happy with. However I'm wondering whether the pc should be performing better than it does, and whether it's hindered by the motherboard at all.

So I'm hoping you can advise whether my current motherboard: click here is up to scratch, or whether for a small investment, i could increase all-round performance?

Any advice welcome


  Bodi 22:03 28 Aug 2003

click here

and see what you think.

I notice that your motherboard only has three PCI slots - personally, I would upgrade to a motherboard with five, but that is just my opinion.


  Bailey08787 22:55 28 Aug 2003

um, thanks for the list of motherboards, but that doesnt really help

  Bodi 10:15 29 Aug 2003

The reason for giving you the list of motherboards was to enable you to read the specs of each and come to your own conclusions.


  Bailey08787 14:26 31 Aug 2003

well thanks again, but as I said in my original post, I know little about motherboards, or their specs - so I was hoping someone would be kind enough to tell me whether mine was any good, or whether it would be beneficial for me to invest in another

  Rayuk 14:48 31 Aug 2003

I notice you are running with RDRAM I am not an expert on Intel motherboards but havnt they now gone over to DDR memory,which would then mean you would have to buy new memory as well as a new motherboard.

So depends how much a "small investment" then becomes.

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