LANDCRUISER 13:46 09 Feb 2009

my old mesh pc has died,ive been told that the motherboard is no good & i need a new one,do they still make motherboards for old pc about 7-8yrs old,the no i have is A7V266-E i think its ASUS board,if they do could you show a link for me ta

  PSF 14:40 09 Feb 2009

You might have problems finding that board now.
If you replace the board you will need a newer cpu and ram and possibly graphics card. One option is to go for a motherboard bundle from click here Some of the cheap ones include onboard graphics as well. If you are not using your pc for any heavy gaming that would be the best option.
The cheapest one there will be a lot faster than the one you have now. The dual core ones are cheap as well.

  keef66 17:22 09 Feb 2009

Although a new mobo / cpu / memory bundle is appealing it does bring some problems:

1.)Your psu may not have the 24 pin power connector required by todays boards.
2.)You generally only get one IDE connector, but loads of SATA ones, which may mean you need to replace an HDD or optical drive.
3.)Your AGP graphics card will be useless, but as PSF suggests, an onboard graphics solution may suffice.
4.)If your copy of Windows is an OEM version you may not be allowed to activate it once installed.

I have a 7 year old Athlon XP based pc which is becoming a bit flaky. I'll just buy a new base unit complete with OS when it finally dies.

  LANDCRUISER 02:34 11 Feb 2009

hi there,thanks for your replys,this mesh pc was there top of their range spec some 7-8 yrs ago & worked very fast,i was hoping i could buy a new one but if they do not make them now could i get a second hand one,do you know any sites that sell them,ta

  retep888 03:08 11 Feb 2009

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