User-B87EAB8D-DCF0-4409-9B1DBE2C77FDE377 00:54 04 Dec 2003

Im planning to build a PC with Multiple (6) CD-RW drives.What kind of a motherboard do i need and where can i find them, thanx

  critic-al 01:04 04 Dec 2003

have a look at some Raid mobo's

.... and remember muliple copying of copyright discs is slightly illegal :)

Yes, consider a Raid Motherboard BUT make sure that the motherboard that you choose can use the Raid connecters as "normal" ATA connectors without running in Raid.

Such a board is the Gigabyte GA7 NNXP which has two "normal" IDE ATA connecters allowing four devices and also two Raid connectoers allowing four more. What is more Raid can be turned off in the bios and these two run as "normal" ATA.

Further, it has Serial ATA so you could use sSATA for you hard disks and then the IDE for your optical drives allowing upto ten devices altogether.

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