mother-in-laws old pc and Broadband

  christmascracker 18:41 07 Sep 2003

My mother-in-law has just bought a 2nd hand pc just last week and is having broadband turned on tomorrow.

She has asked me to install the modem etc.

The pc is running XP Pro(no SP1), has a 486mhz processor, 64meg ram and a 12 gig HDD.

Can anyone tell me if I am likely to have any problems with this seeing as the pc only just makes the system requirements for BB (& XP Pro).



  leo49 18:45 07 Sep 2003

A friend of mine happily runs XP and USB Broadband on a P2 266 machine - though as memory is quite cheap at the moment and XP pretty greedy, some more memory would enhance her whole PC experience.

  Lozzy 18:45 07 Sep 2003

YES PC will be dead slow and stop!!! Running XP Pro requires a min of 256mb of ram preferably 512 and the processor will make XP crawl.. You would be better off installing an earlier nOS System like 98SE or ME.

  Lozzy 18:48 07 Sep 2003

I may stand to be corrected.. Lets hope so..

  leo49 18:51 07 Sep 2003

My friend runs XP with Photoshop,Office etc on 192mb ram - methinks you exaggerate a little your prognosis, :o)

  christmascracker 18:53 07 Sep 2003

leo49 thanks - makes me feel a bit better

Lozzy - I hope so too!

They havn't got a clue about computers so it will be up to me to sort it out.

XP does run ok tho even if it is a bit slow.

Will let you know how it goes tomorrow as no doubt I will need your help with something or other


  Lozzy 18:55 07 Sep 2003

Are you using an Ethernet connection??

It is fast than USB,,

  leo49 18:55 07 Sep 2003

The processor will be fine but as Lozzy and I have said at opposite extremes more memory will be needed. I would boost it up to 256 as it's so cheap.

  christmascracker 18:55 07 Sep 2003

Just one other question - will it make any difference that the pc doesn't have SP1 installed?

They arn't online at the moment

  leo49 18:58 07 Sep 2003

No - I haven't installed it and don't intend to.BUT before they go online install the patch for the RPC problem which Blaster takes advantage of. it's Hotfix/Update #823980.

Good luck

  christmascracker 19:01 07 Sep 2003

Can you explain please how I do that

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