Mother Board Clock Speed. What should i set it at?

  Dearersteak 09:52 24 Apr 2003

Hi all

Ok, A friend of mine has been building a computer over the last few months, and is now in the stage of ordering the last few parts. Only knowing the basic's, he inlisted my help. Now, i checked that he had ordered all the right parts. Last thing u want is a P4 CPU and a socket A motherboard and i'm sure it does happen. But now only one thing is left to work out, and the motherboard manual does'nt help much.

On the box, Its states that its a "super 333 Socket" So i would assume that this is referring to the FSB. We oreded a 2400+ AMD XP, which is 2Ghz, With a FSB of 333, But the motherboard also has the Clock speed. Now this can be set at 3 different speeds. 100, 133 and 166. But in the manual, its states that,
100 is infact 100 to 132
133 is 133 to 165
166 is 166 to 200

So what do i set the jumpers to? And could u also explain as i have forgot what this is setting.


PS- also running DDR 333 (PC2700) If thats any help

  Dearersteak 09:58 24 Apr 2003

Thats the Clock speed again, Hope it makes more sences like this




  cream. 10:51 24 Apr 2003

Er I do not think you can put a P4 cpu in an socket a mother board. Unless you use the hammer method. lol

If you have a AMD 2400+ with a fsb of 333Mz then your clock speed should be 166Mz. These figures are always doubled to get the true speed.

100Mz. cpu x 2 = 200Mz bus speed.

133Mz. cpu x 2 = 266Mz bus speed

166Mz. cpu x 2 = 333Mz bus speed.

Sorry for the top line, I presume it was a typo error on your part.

Hope this helps. Ps don't forget about the multiplier setting.

  Dearersteak 10:57 24 Apr 2003

It was a joke acctury, but not to worrie,
Thanks for the Info

  cream. 11:02 24 Apr 2003

re read. ha ha.

Forgot to say if it is the 333Mz cpu then your multiplier should be set for 12.

This would give you 12 x 166 = 1992 Mz.

Best of luck puting it together.

  Dearersteak 11:49 24 Apr 2003

Ahhhh, I get it now. I was'nt sure how the multiplier worked, but now that makes perfect sences.
Thanks alot Village,
Green tick on the way

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