Mothball an Epson R200

  Ancient Learner 21:22 08 Oct 2005

We are shortly off to winter in a better climate, and I wonder what I should do with the printer. My inclination is to remove all the ink cassettes and bin them, (They are all getting a bit low), but I am aware that these printers can be a bit funny in this area, so would I be better to leave the cassettes in?

Has anyone got any views on the subject please?

I hasten to add, that you are not getting rid of me so easily, my new laptop is going with us and there is a BB connection awaiting my use.

  Totally-braindead 21:25 08 Oct 2005

If you've got a big enough suitcase I'll hide in it and come with you.

  Totally-braindead 21:37 08 Oct 2005

If you have enough time before you go to get an answer why not try asking Epson. Had a quick look and all I could find was that they didn't recommend leaving old cartridges in the printer for longer than 6 months although they never said whether you could leave it empty or had to put a new cart in immediatly. Hopefully someone will give you the answer.

  €dstowe 21:58 08 Oct 2005

Not a good idea to leave Epson printers unused for long periods. The ink in the printhead is likely to dry causing blockages thus rendering the printer pretty much useless.

As the R200 is relatively low cost, I suggest you give it to a good home and buy a new one either now and keep it unused in its box or when you return.

  josie mayhem 22:08 08 Oct 2005

Or can't you loan it to some one!

After just loosing my photo900, I'm lookking for some-one take a brand new unused colour cartridge off me, I really dont want to through it in the bin?

Any offers (I mean does any one want it, I don't want anything for it, just a good home)

  interzone55 22:12 08 Oct 2005

Choice Stationary have started selling flush cartridges for Epsons. These could be used to clean the heads thoroughly after taking the printer out of storage. But as they're £4 each, and the R200 would need 6 of them, it would be cheaper to buy a full set of ink carts (only £15 the set) and run several head cleaning cycles to blast the dried ink through the heads.

  Ancient Learner 22:20 08 Oct 2005

Heck. I can't think that I should replace this printer already. It's not 6 months old and I had enough agro to cope with then. I just daren't! And since we are likely to keep repeating this process as long as my health allows, a new printer every year is not really viable.

alan14's solution is possibly the best bet, particularly since I have stocked up on cartridges with Choice's offers.

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