Most internet functionality cuts out randomly.

  spookus 16:25 21 Jun 2010

I have a Dell inspiron 1525, 2.00GHz duo core CPU, 2.00Gb RAM, Windows vista home premium.
Ive had the laptop since october 2008 and until a around a year ago everything was fine.

For no particular reason in the middle of last year something strange began to happen.
I would log on and anywhere from 20minutes to an hour later my Internet Browser would stop working, I've tried with three different browsers (IE, Firefox and Maxthon) and the problem happens with all three the same. My connection will get slower and slower until eventually just refusing to load anything. This problem also seems to affect any program that updates automatically via the Internet e.g. AVG. However, other programs like Spotify (which I use regularly) work perfectly fine at the same time. The problem rectifies itself upon restarting, however given Vista's monumental restart times (sometimes upto 20minutes on this laptop), this quickly becomes tiresome.

I have done everything I can think of, from regular virus scans using AVG and Malwarebytes, cleaning everything out using CCleaner and removing every non-necessary Vista function (e.g. indexing). I have tried posting about this previously to no avail, other than getting the suggestion to flush my DNS cache, which made no difference.

Everything with Vista is updated and this is definitely not a router problem as we have 2 other laptops and a PC using the same Belkin-G wireless all without a hitch.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm just about willing to try anything other than a system restore for now, as It is difficult to remember the exact date when the problem began to occur with frequency.

  spookus 21:05 21 Jun 2010


  northumbria61 22:39 21 Jun 2010

I am not quite sure on this one but I am sending you a LINK (s) which may help.

click here

click here

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