Most EXXTREME cure ......

  Paranoid Android 19:01 25 Aug 2003

How about a little competition ?

You know the old saying, if it stops working give it a thump ? Well, my eldest son's CDRom drive stopped working a little while ago, kept saying that no disk was inserted even when there was one. I tried removing and reinstalling it etc, but nothing I did made any difference.

Yesterday I was moving his PC and laid it on his bed, came back a few minutes later after hearing a loud crash. Son No.2 had started bouncing on the bed, bounced the PC right off the bed and onto the floor.

Miraculously, everything still works, including the previously faulty CD drive.

Beat that if you can.


  -pops- 19:15 25 Aug 2003

There is a story that in the days when TV sets were operated by valves, the most important and most used tool in the TV engineers toolkit was a rubber headed hammer.

  spikeychris 19:20 25 Aug 2003

Marvin, send me your address and I'll send my busted bits and pieces for your son to bounce of the bed :o)

  mammak 19:24 25 Aug 2003

Paranoid Android bet your proud of your youngest a budding little computer techie in the making, but if i encounter any problems with my pc i might refrain from trying this method of cure,as knowing my kid,s it would likley have the adverse effect lol. Mammak

  Paranoid Android 20:19 25 Aug 2003

That's nothing.

I walked into his room one day to find him playing Medal of Honour. It wasn't installed on his machine, he had started it from mine across the network.

He is 3.


Keep 'em coming.

  mammak 21:46 25 Aug 2003

Paranoid Android kid,s wonderful wee things are they not,they are capable of much more than we give them credit for, my youngest is 6 and she can log on and off copy and paste, dial up the list is endless, it make,s me laugh when i hear her say oh "refresh" you silly internet, they are amazing wee people, regard,s Mammak

  DieSse 22:15 25 Aug 2003

British Standard Test Nº 23

We dropped it


  sil_ver 22:33 25 Aug 2003

I tried the drop test. The fire brigade said it was probably a short :-))

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