Most efficient and compatible form of Back-Up

  23790954 12:34 18 Nov 2007

Hi! there,(again)!!!
First of all many thanks to woodchip and Fruit Bat, who helped me out in a serious problem I had over the weekend. Having built and repaired my daughter-in-laws computer, on which she keeps all her data, appointments, records, stock etc. for he unisex hair salon, the Hard Drive became faulty and would NOT boot up. Hence I was up until 1.30am Saturday trying to retrieve the data. Now with the help of Fruit Bat and Woodchip, I have overcome that problem, I require more advice. I have always asked my daughter-in-law to back up the data, EACH SATURDAY, via Nero, onto CD. This has worked fine until now, but we still would have lost a weeks booking data, due to the hard drive packing up on Friday, had I not recovered the data. Is there any way that the data can be backed up, whereby, if the same thing happens, we can still put UP TO DATE data on the system.
AND if by chance the motherboard goes seriously faulty, we can still put all the UP TO DATE data onto another system with different motherboard.
I would appreciate all, not only suggestions, but on how, regarding the use of which programmes on the system, this could be achieved.
I did consider a second (slave) hard drive, but should the motherboard go faulty, I don't think I would be able to use it on another system.
Present system is gigabyte Sckt 754, with Windows XP Professional installed. However it does use SATA11 hard drive, but motherboard has 2 x SATA11 hard drive connectors.

  MAJ 12:36 18 Nov 2007

Back up to an external hard drive?

  23790954 12:40 18 Nov 2007

.Thanks for that MAJ, but if I back up to an external hard drive, (which I have never used before) will it be compatible with another system in an emergancy, and to keep me right what programme would I use to transfer the data for backup. Many thanks.

  €dstowe 12:45 18 Nov 2007

Back up to a second (external) hard drive and, in addition install a program called Second Copy which will back up any part of you hard drive you tell it to (in your, or your daughter's case, the appointments book - and anything) as often as you want it to. I use the program on all my studio machines and it backs up all the files which are likely to change during the day every two hours.

I find it a god-send click here

  MAJ 12:49 18 Nov 2007

Yes it would be compatible if you're using the same software. Some external hard drives come with backup software.

I recently had potentially the same problem as you. A mate has a small business, for which I did all his computer installations, network etc. He needed to have his accounts backed up each night, stock control, customer accounts, etc. We bought a 500gig external hard drive and I wrote a little program to automatically backup that file to the external hard drive. All he has to do now (he's not very computer literate) is double-click a shortcut on his desktop, the file is backed up and his computer shuts down automatically.

  octal 12:49 18 Nov 2007

If you use an external USB drive as MAJ suggests all your important files can just be dragged and dropped into the new drive. You don't need any special software unless you want to image the drive which some people do including me so you can restore the system exactly as it was before, I must admit, I use both systems, back up files once per week and image the drive once per month.

  anskyber 12:52 18 Nov 2007

I use Acronis True Image as a general back up. In other words it does everything including my OS and all the settings. Natually if I chose to upgrade a piece of hardware the image may not work, it will be different.

acronis also allows for selective back up, eg files or emails. In those circumstances I think provided the program to receive the data is the same it should revert OK. click here

  23790954 12:55 18 Nov 2007

Before ticking the resolve box, I would just like to thank you all, MAJ, Cdstowe and octal for your considerations and invaluable help in this matter. Many many thanks.

A very thankful Silver Surfer.

  23790954 13:15 18 Nov 2007

Hi! there again,

i agree that the external hard drive is the best salution to my problem. I have been looking on MISCO who I usually purchase from, and there are hundreds of such drives, and, as I stated I have never attempted to use such a drive before. Due to the restricted space in her counter, I would prefer an external drive which (if possible) does NOT have an electric adaptor, and is as small as possible for a QUALITY drive of about 100 gigs. Any recommendations on such a quality drive would be appreciated.
Thanks again

  anskyber 13:19 18 Nov 2007

When you say "which (if possible) does NOT have an electric adaptor" I assume you mean a transformer to power the unit?

Such separate power suppose are highly recommended and are considered to be more efficient than an internal power unit. The reason being that the heat generated is not transfered to the HDD if it is externalised.

  anskyber 13:22 18 Nov 2007

PS I have one of these, it's quite small and comes in different capacities. click here

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