Most Economical and Efficient Back Up Media

  mbp 20:23 23 Jun 2004

What would be your choice, if economy and practicability were the key factors to consider for Backing Up your files and data?
(1) Without spending anything on Hard ware, use your existing CD-R/RW to Back your data. Many CD's needed.
(2) Buy an external DVD recorder etc. An improvement.
(3) Invest in an Internal HDD to ensure plenty of capacity for total Back Ups. Not too expensive these days.
(4) Invest in an external HDD for convenience? Some inexpensive ones on the market these days.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:30 23 Jun 2004

External HD, no question. You can keep it separate from the HD/computer. Backing up your data on the same HD as your operating system/data is for fools only ;-)))


  mbp 20:34 23 Jun 2004

Sorry, I meant to say under item (3) a Second HDD installed in the computer.

  pj123 20:35 23 Jun 2004

3. Is my choice, because that is the way I do it. Buy an internal HDD same capacity as your Master and set it as a slave. Fdisk and format it. Now (depending on your O/S) use xxcopy or xxclone and copy your entire system. xxcopy for all systems except Win XP. xxclone for Win XP. xxcopy free from click here and xxclone free from click here.

  R4 20:51 23 Jun 2004

I use Norton Ghost onto CD's (6 off) that way I can always restore even if my computer gets completely broken.

  mbp 20:53 23 Jun 2004

Thanks pj123,You have been very helpful. As I have xp-home I assume that I should use the xxclone program.

  Giggle n' Bits 20:54 23 Jun 2004

Can fail like internal. Duplicate Back-up's of Zip's or CD's personally but everyone will say different its what they are use to working with

  pj123 21:08 23 Jun 2004

mbp. Yes xxclone is for you. Once you have backed up your entire system you have two options. Disconnect the slave drive from your system or leave it connected but don't use it. I usually disconnect it from the computer so there is no chance it could be corrupted. It is only reconnected when I need to do another backup. But that is only done when major changes to my master disk have been made, maybe once every three months.

  mbp 19:11 24 Jun 2004

R4, do you have to Ghost your program first to your on HDD then download to CD's or could you download your Ghost program direct to CD's in Norton's Ghost? I have Acronis True Image and it suggests the first method.

  R4 12:10 28 Jun 2004

When you use Ghost to produce the Backup CD's you can make them BOOTABLE so when you want to restore all the software you need is on the 1st CD. . . . . You can also recover individual files using Ghost Explorer.

You also have an option to create a Ghost Bootable floppy. . . . So it doesn't matter if the PC HDD is complete crap.

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