most appropriate g'card for mobo

  terendak_uk 21:21 02 Aug 2004

I have a choice to put in either a Radeon 7000 32Mb DDR AGP( P/N 1028110600) card or a Rage Fury Max 64Mb(P/N 1026730600). I would be very grateful for advice on the "best" card. Win 2000 Pro will be the OS. LCD Formac Gallery screen. No games to speak of, but lots of Photoshopping and video editing. CPU is an Athlon K7.

  safemode 21:43 02 Aug 2004

Video editing? good luck, i'd be just as worried about your CPU being up to it, plus neither graphics cards will be up to any reasonable amount of video editing, but if i was pushed i'd go for the radeon, mainly because ATI are still releasing updated drivers for radeons.
Just hope your a very patient person, any video editing will take an age, if not longer on that rig.

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  terendak_uk 15:09 03 Aug 2004

Appreciated. Will go with your suggestion.
Sure, uploading the digivid from camera takes a while but once it's on, I'm able to do simple video editing ( Pinnacle 8 ..sound, splitting scenes, moving them around, transitions) in with no appreciable delays. That's all, really.Rendering takes time but.......I deserve a pint or two by then
And thats on an Athlon 600Mh/512RAM with ATI AinW 32Mb vRAM. So, I should be "better" off.

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