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most accurate cpu temp prog, and your max healthy temp, or max recommended temp for modern system?

  theDarkness 23:57 26 Jan 2013

The laptop idle upon boot using Realtemp, gives cpu core temps of 45-50c, and after just over half an hour idle, its just under 60c. Running multiple programs at once can bring it up to 70c or over if the machine has been on for a few hours, with its fan running at the max. If I attempt any cpu intensive tasks, such as 3d software, it can reach the 70s, but it rarely goes over 80c.

Speedfan on the other hand gives values of roughly 10c less for each core compared to Realtemp, and although I know it can be customized, Speedfan gives me the 'hot' icon by default for anything over 50c. I have heard that Realtemp may be giving the most accurate values, since Speedfan has not been calibrated for my particular system. After a Realtemp 10 minute sensor test, my cpu can state it is 100c or over (realtemp doesnt show values over 100, when the cpu is running at the max).

How common would anyone say these values were for a dual core bottom of the range laptop system, and would you be worried? No problems in running to date. Unfortunately I cannot be sure if the system has always given these temperatures or not, and how accurate. If the cpu really was over 100c in a Realtemp test, working the cpu to the max, I wonder how long the cpu would likely last. Thanks for any info if possible, esp if anyone has a laptop to compare temperatures. I will assume higher quality systems will never go over the 60c mark! >:0

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:17 27 Jan 2013
Answer another to try and compare

CPU critical temps

70 -80 your hitting top temp for a dual core intel

Laptops do tend to get hot as the airflow is usually compromised due to cramming everything in a small case so a laptop cooler to sit it on may help.

Read this to see what effect temperature has on your system.

  theDarkness 14:58 27 Jan 2013

Thanks, I havent tried that one before. Coretemp is in line with the values of Speedfan. Realtemp on the other hand states the minimum, likely at startup for the cores, has been 65c to date. Having only just started the machine today and browsing, they are at 70c already. In Coretemp and Speedfan they are 55c. Not that ideal, but for a cheap laptop its surely far more likely, unless there is some sort of fan or vent blockage etc. Im not sure how easy this machine will be to give a thorough cleanout, but I think I will need to do so very soon.

Coretemp also shows a maximum of 64c for each core, matching 'Temp1' in Speedfan. I am assuming this is related to another temperature sensor on or near the cpu, or some sort of overall temperature taking into account both cores. I dont think I will attempt a Realtemp sensor test again, as if that was incorrect, its value being '100c' would surely have still brought it close or over its manufacturer max temp (85c in coretemp). Ouch :(

  theDarkness 19:13 30 Jan 2013

I have noticed that the laptop has been on for 5 mins today, it tends to stay between 45-55c, but it would seem that coretemp is still managing to record milliseconds of when the temp reaches 78c for no reason whilst browsing or even idle (eg 55-78-42-55c etc). Im not sure whether this is the result of the system needing a cleanout (im sure it does) or.. if coretemp is also very sensitive and its nothing to really worry about?

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