Morse reader

  Pidder 18:32 11 Jun 2003

Anyone know of a free Morse Reader program for use with a SW Receiver connected to line-in?

  Pidder 18:59 11 Jun 2003

Hi Pops - Have already tried Google - found one download at $35 - hoped for a freebie and thought the Forum might short-circuit things.

  Pidder 19:05 11 Jun 2003

Hi G4LNA - Thanks for your suggestion. I did a bit many, many years ago in the Scouts, hoped to try it the easy way.

  Pidder 18:12 12 Jun 2003

Thanks everyone for your responses and interest. I must admit that computers have overtaken ham radio in my interests - everything in radio now seems very commercial, the days of the home built receiver or rig seem to be over.

  Pidder 18:58 12 Jun 2003

Valvegrid - have looked at the links - what am I looking for in the second one -(DOS)?
Sorry, forgot the 73's.

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