morpheus 4.0

  Fanianni 15:20 08 Jul 2004

can some1 tell me if it safe to have this program because ive had kasaa and got a virus!!
thanx sharon

  Jakey boy 15:25 08 Jul 2004

.......I wouldn't trust any version of Morpheus Fanianni. It is just the same as Kazza etc, they are all now riddled with adware, spyware, malware etc, and the chances of getting a virus are again very high.

  Fanianni 15:28 08 Jul 2004

hi jakey
thanx thats all i needed to know, seen as my 16 yr old daughter put it on here, lol, grrrrr!
thanx for ur quick reply

  Jakey boy 15:35 08 Jul 2004

However, a good p2p program is "Shareaza". It does have some spyware etc, but if you have "PestPatrol" "Adaware" or similar, you just run it after you use the p2p, and it is cleared. If your daughter is adamant about p2p, I would recommend that one, and just make sure you use the cleanup s/w after. Jake

  ShanghaiDave 16:29 08 Jul 2004

Or something like emule which doesn't contain any spyware.

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