Morpheus 3.0 Fault

  plumpa 02:28 12 May 2003

System win 98se 256ram 30ghdd

MORPHEUS caused an invalid page fault in
module GNUCDNA.DLL at 0167:016e40c1.
EAX=00000000 CS=0167 EIP=016e40c1 EFLGS=00010202
EBX=01922e10 SS=016f ESP=01bdf758 EBP=00000000
ECX=01789a90 DS=016f ESI=01922e10 FS=5507
EDX=00000837 ES=016f EDI=01922ea0 GS=0000
Bytes at CS:EIP:
0f b7 48 02 0f b7 10 51 52 8d 44 24 18 68 5c 94
Stack dump:
01922ea0 01bdf78c 00000000 01922e10 01789aa4 01bdf78c 00000000 01bdf7b4 01760ff0 00000000 016e437c 01bdf78c 019317b0 80007ad8 01922ea0 01922e10

Anyone out there with any ideas?

  -pops- 07:59 12 May 2003

If you are referring to Morpheus the P2P file sharing program rather than Morpheus a graphics morphing program, I don't think you will get a lot of help or sympathy here.

Have you tried their own help facilities?

  -pops- 18:36 12 May 2003

See what I mean?

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