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  mark3110 10:25 17 Nov 2004

OK so we have done this before BUT

A 17" tft at 16ms with DVI interface


A 19" tft at sub 22ms without a DVI interface

Does DVI make much of a difference?

Will be mostly used for games, and please, I'm not starting another TFT V CRT here so stick to the thread!! :-)


  cherria 11:30 17 Nov 2004

Well, the DVI and the quicker response time suggest that you will get a better picture and quicker response time, so less ghosting with the 17" option.

But obviously you get a bigger screen with the 19" so how far away will you sit and do you want the games to fill your vision? The 19" will also be easier on the eye should you want to watch DVDs on it.

I'd go for the 19" one every time but then the games I play are not fast moving.

  cherria 11:32 17 Nov 2004

Take a look at this as well and go the the Q&A section

click here

  mark3110 14:26 17 Nov 2004

But would a 19inch tft running at say 16ms be as sharp as a 19in running at 25ms using a DVI connection?

  cherria 14:54 17 Nov 2004

I think you are confusing the 2 things.

picture sharpness(i.e. quality of the image) will be better with the DVI interface as this minimises loss and noise in the cable.

So if you are sitting looking at a still or slow moving picture then all the informaiton suggests the DVI will give the better picture quality.

The 16ms vs 25ms is a question of screen update speed, hence if you have a very fast moving picture you may see bluring, also, the monitor may not be able to cope with the speed of your graphics card.

If you have a card capable of 60 frames per second then if each frame takes 25ms to display, your monitor would take 1.5 seconds to display what the card has thrown at it in 1 second or else it drops frames. On the other hand your 16ms monitor can just about handle this coming in at 960ms to display all the frames.

What is important is to match your graphics card and what you plan on doing with it to the monitor.

  mark3110 16:09 17 Nov 2004

Thanks Cherria.

As its going to be used for games more than anything else I think I'll ignore the dvi issue and just look to the lower ms rate.

Thanks again.

  Stuartli 18:09 17 Nov 2004

As far as I am aware, the resolution capabilities of a 19in TFT are the same as the 17in equivalent.

A 17in TFT is equal screen size wise to a 19in CRT monitor, so better going for the superior specifications.

  Rayuk 18:52 17 Nov 2004

For gaming the lower the response time the better.
You will find that they are now shipping 12ms and the odd one even less than this.
And having just had a quick look 19" at 16ms and 12 ms at click here as at 17thNov as the offers may change.

  Dorsai 19:07 17 Nov 2004

In PC advisor, issue 114, page 88. A TFT with 10ms responce time.

got a recomended award.

liyama ProLite E435S.

If it's for fast moving graphice the faster the responce time the better. But the gamers choice still remains a CRT, so it is said. You also get a bigger screen for the same money.

from PC advisor top ten.

The best TFT, 17 inch, £237. (LG 1730s)

The best CRT a (19 inch), 18 inch viewable, £205. (mitsubishi Diamond Plus 93SB)

YOu payes your money, and you makes your choice.

  Lasse 19:49 17 Nov 2004

Try looking at the Sony hS94p with x black tecnnology 12M/s response time and 400cf/m2 500 contrast best lokking monitor i have seen 19 inch you can also buy it in 17 inch model.

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