more talktalk BB problems

  Fred the flour grader 20:46 25 Sep 2006

Hi guys,

my mother in law is having nothing but bother with talktalk. It has worked but it was having to have the modem unplugged and go through most of the installation every time she wants to go on line.
it is coming up with error 650 which is:
the dial up networking server is not responding.

can anyone please help with this? the only solution it gives in troubleshooting is:
disconnect the filters and modem and try a reboot. This solution does not work and she is not enjoying her first taste of the internet one little bit.
Many thanks, in advance....Fred

  terryf 20:47 25 Sep 2006

Go on to Eclipse :-)

  Fred the flour grader 20:51 25 Sep 2006

real help apprecciated

  daxian 21:21 25 Sep 2006

hi fred the flourgrader....
will try to help .
but will need a bit of info as to the setup .
are you using the modem supplied by TT ?
are you plugged into the master phone socket or an extension???
how many phones in the house/are they all filtered?
i have dealt with a number of talktalk setup problems and all have been sorted successfully.
hope i can help here as well.Dave

  rodriguez 21:27 25 Sep 2006

click here for a page about this error and see if it helps. :-D

  Stuartli 00:43 26 Sep 2006

Not the finest example of man management I've come across lately.

Are you using a Speedtouch or Sagem modem? The former is more likely.

If so it needs to be installed exactly as per instructions as it is an USB device.

You also need to ensure that the username and password are correct (this can be discovered free of charge by dialling the TalkTalk automated service).

It's particularly important as many people confuse the BB service username and password with that of the e-mail service.

If you still have problems, TalkTalk's Help and Support pages are very comprehensive and you may well find advice that proves beneficial.

  Fred the flour grader 19:20 26 Sep 2006

sorry for being abrupt in my response to terryf. I had a bad day at work then spent 3 hours trying to solve this problem for my mother in law, without any joy.
I will try what has been mentioned in the previous posts and get back in touch if I can sort it.
Once again, sorry if I caused anyone offence, I did not mean to.

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