More Table Problems in Internet Explorer

  Pesala 01:37 02 Nov 2003

This page: click here looks fine in Opera, just as it was designed in Net Objects Fusion, but in Internet Explorer it looks dreadful.

Net Objects Fusion: click here (with table borders added)

Opera: click here (as designed)

Internet Explorer: click here (Misaligned Tables)

All images have been resized to 50% to save upload/download time.

  Forum Editor 01:57 02 Nov 2003

is that you split the cell that has the image and text in it. Place the image in a cell of its own, with the para of text in the cell immediately beneath it. Centre the image in its cell, and set the cell padding and spacing to 4.

Try it - I'm fairly sure that's what's causing the problem, although I'm prepared to be wrong.

  Pesala 08:00 02 Nov 2003

I tried again, with the same result. The problem seems to be that, in order to get a mixture of three columns and two columns, the table is split into four columns. One can see this by adding another row to the table. To get three cells in a row one must merge the four, and split it into three cells. IE seems to be interpreting the code as if the centre two cells are merged into one.

Perhaps another way that might work is to start with six columns, and merge two threes to get two, or merge three twos to get three. I shall try that also, just out of curiosity.

I got around it by using two tables, the upper one of three columns, and the lower one of two. The tables are touching, and cell-padding is set to 5 pixels. Now all is fine in both IE and Opera. click here

  Pesala 08:18 02 Nov 2003

click here

However, it is a bit fiddly to work with. It is best to add all the rows that you think you will need before merging any cells to get one, two, or three columns in different rows, otherwise one must fiddle with a lot of merging and splitting of cells.

I shall stick with the six column method, as that means I have only one table on the page instead of two.

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