More rom drives than I should have?

  twilightflyer 09:30 18 Jan 2010

I have noticed that on 'my computer' I have 5 icons, 1 DVD ram drive plus 4 other removable disk drives namely:- (E) ram drive , (F), (G) ,(H) , (I),
The ram drive has a SATA connection whilst the others are physically none existant on my computer.
How do I remove these icons? I have tried right clicking but to no avail. Any help please?

  Technotiger 09:31 18 Jan 2010

I expect that you have a Card Reader, the slots on the card reader are given drive letters just like any other drive.

  rawprawn 09:33 18 Jan 2010

One could be a printer, but look in System Tools> Computer management > Disk Management and see what is showing there.

  rawprawn 09:35 18 Jan 2010

Morning Technotiger, my card reader only shows in Computer if there is something in it to read.

  Technotiger 09:37 18 Jan 2010

This is my own My Computer window, F:, G:, H:, and I: are the slots in my built-in Card Reader ...

click here

  rawprawn 09:44 18 Jan 2010

OK, mine only shows Active drives, which is why I suggested a printer. I left it switched on and suddenly found I had an extra drive -:))

  Technotiger 09:53 18 Jan 2010

You're welcome ... when I do things like that, I just put it down to 'the age thing' ... LoL

  twilightflyer 09:54 18 Jan 2010

Technotiger,and others many thanks for your replies, yes I have a card reader and to prove it to myself disconnected the card reader and Bingo all the icons vanished, now how stupid do I look? (please don't answer that) anyway thanks again chaps.

  Technotiger 09:58 18 Jan 2010

Hi, when my printer is switched on, the card reader in that shows as Removable Disk P:

  Technotiger 09:59 18 Jan 2010

Hmm, my Chrystal Ball is playing-up again!

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