More RAM - do I adjust Virtual Memory ?

  Minkey1 14:15 19 Apr 2007

Afternoon all

Just bought another Gb of RAM from Crucial. Currently using 1 GB with Virtual Memory set to 1.5 times.

I asked them twice about whether after fitting the new RAM I needed to adjust the VM setting, and twice they've told me to leave it alone, and only if there's any problem to do these:

1. Amend it to system managed, or
2. Amend it to manual, min 2.00Gb, max 4.00Gb.

Leaving it alone doesn't sound right to me. The current setting relates to the 1.5 times the 1Gb I had.

Are Crucial right to say leave it as is ?



  Technotiger 14:18 19 Apr 2007

Hi, unless you are having problems ... Yes!

  MAJ 14:18 19 Apr 2007

Leave it at System Managed, with 2GB of Physical RAM you shouldn't have any problems.

  Minkey1 14:43 19 Apr 2007

Thanks folks. So either:

1. Leave it as is - presumably giving me 2Gb physically installed RAM, plus access to another 1.5 Gb on the hard drive if needed, or

2. Set to System Managed, so it only brings VM in to play when the 2Gb is fully committed

Leaving it as is just doesn't seem logical to me when the existing setting relates to the old 1 Gb.
I'd have thought I either needed to change it to System Managed, given the total RAM should be more than adequate, or if necessary, adjust the manual settings to 1.5 times (Crucial say 2 times) the new total ?

Any other thoughts ?

  Technotiger 14:48 19 Apr 2007

Logical or not, it simply will not make any difference one way or the other - if it aint broke, don't fix it. I too have 2Gb of actual RAM, but I have set my Virtual RAM to maximum only because it allows me to play MFSX Deluxe with higher settings.

  Minkey1 14:57 19 Apr 2007

Thanks TT, so, just out of interest, what did you set it to ?

I'm not a gamer, but do have to do a bit of audio editing whilst doing other stuff at the same time. 2 Gb was the max the PC would take, and I just wanted to ensure it'd work at its optimum irrespective of the (not too demanding) tasks I ask of it.

  Minkey1 17:07 19 Apr 2007


  MAJ 17:11 19 Apr 2007

Set the minimum page file (VM) at 1½ times the amont of RAM installed and the Maximum at twice the Minimum, but System Managed is the way to go.

  Technotiger 17:31 19 Apr 2007

Mine is 3070Mb, but you can just as easily do as MAJ suggests.

  Minkey1 18:28 19 Apr 2007

Cheers folks

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