more ram

  elbecko 13:40 28 Nov 2005

hi, it's been suggested to me that i should maybe get more ram to improve my computers performance.
my question is, how do i get more ram? do i go to a computer shop and buy ram?
i know it's a silly question, but i really do not know, so please bear with me, i'm learning.


  DieSse 14:44 28 Nov 2005

"do i go to a computer shop and buy ram?"

That's one way - or buy on line. Crucial is very good - they sell good quality RAM and have a fre configuration guide to enable you to select the correct type of RAM - and an xchange guarantee if they provide the wrong sort via their configurator.

You also need to ensure that there is a socket left in your system to fit more RAM.

If you need to know what's in your system right now - Everest click here is a free download to tell you all sorts of details about your system, including what RAM - sizes and tuypes - you have now.

  DieSse 14:45 28 Nov 2005

Crucial UK click here

  Diodorus Siculus 14:57 28 Nov 2005

As DieSse says, get Everet to ID your motherboard and then enter the details at Crucial and they will give you an instant recommendation.

  elbecko 06:22 29 Nov 2005

hi, thanks for all your comments. i've just come across 'free ram xp pro' is anyone familiar with this and is it worth getting?


  SG Atlantis 07:53 29 Nov 2005

your best bet is to get the RAM from the link provided, Crucial UK.

  wee eddie 07:59 29 Nov 2005

Ram comes in different "types" as well as variable sizes and speeds.

Your PC will require a specific type.

If you put more than one speed of Ram sticks in to the relevant slots, they will all work at the speed of the "slowest".

Ram slots are generally wired in "Series". you just add the Ran Sticks together. Not all OS's benefit from an excess of Ram.

Some types of Ram need to be installed in pairs. Others need the blank slots to be filled with special blanks. Luckily, most allow you just to clip in the Stick.

Others have recommended visiting Crucial Web Site while you're on line and get it to tell you what Ram you need. You may save up to 30% by buying Ram elsewhere, but I will echo the others recommendation.

  elbecko 14:21 30 Nov 2005

thanks everyone.

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