More problems with weird homepage addresses

  NickyK 00:40 27 Oct 2004

I've already touched on this before under a different post ("Hijacked on the high seas") which I will now resolve because this is, effectively, an up-date.

My best friend has been running Windows 98 and AOL 9.0. on a rescued ex-network ex-workplace computer which emlaxons Fujisystems across the screen on start-up (the reason I am posting on his behalf is because he is very dyslexic and is a slow typist - he won't mind me mentioning this).

Anyway, his homepage is constantly reset to (I am not imputing that there is anything wrong with morepages, by the way, though God knows how it got into his system since it's not the kind of site he'd ever go to - I believe it is something to do with extra web-pages). He can set his page to its original default address, or to a safe address (eg., BBC), but as soon as he next checks it through the usual Internet Options, it is reset to morepages once more.

To make matters more confusing for the two of us, on deleting the morepages address, we suddenly had a whole list of other addresses (around 30 at elast - we didn't count them; I was too astonished) which seem to be either a list of all his saved favourites, or a list of sites from which he has downloaded material, or possibly both. I have watched him reset his homepage and he isn't doing anything wrong.

Fortunately, he has now bought a spanking new home system, but he still wants to use the old one for various reasons irrelevant to this post (personally, I think he should abandon it, but that's my opinion). He's run the usual scans such as Mcafee virus, AOL spyware, and I'm going to install Spybot for him (I've already given him SpywareBlaster) but nothing untoward has been found.

I would be grateful for any light anyone can shed on this strange predicament, though I fear the response will be "tell him to dump the old computer".

Thank you, NickyK

(PS, I really am posting on behalf of my pal. If this were my problem, not his, I wouldn't be shy about admitting it. To be honest, I personally still don't know what the hey a homepage is and what it does or why one needs one. N)

  NickyK 01:02 13 Nov 2004

Resolved this myself by using a washer

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