More printer problems

  willyv 10:44 03 Apr 2007

Had a problem a few weeks ago with a colour cartridge i bought from ebay for my Dell A920 printer. After installing it, it didnt work- no colour ink at all came out of the cartridge. On the advice of the forum I returned it to the supplier who tested it and said it was working perfectly .
Now i have a problem with my black cartridge. It has been filled twice before and gave no problems in the past but now its behaving just as the colour cartridge had. After installation, absolutely no ink is coming out of the cartridge.

Do you think the printers knackered? Ive only had it for 3 years.
Is there any other way of troubleshooting the problems without spending £40 on ink cartridges which may have to be returned?
Please help,

  Kate B 10:49 03 Apr 2007

I suspect your attempts at money-saving are at least partly to blame. I know many people successfully refill cartridges and buy no-brand ones from eBay but I wouldn't risk it: they can cause problems. And three years is not bad for a printer.

  bof:) 11:20 03 Apr 2007

Have you cleaned out the nozzles on the printer?

click here

Look on left side of page and click on maintainance.

  willyv 11:50 03 Apr 2007

I tried but no ink at all comes out!!!!
May be time to trash the thing!!! Seems a same tho cos its been ok.

  Kate B 11:52 03 Apr 2007

I think it's worth buying the right ink for printers.

  willyv 12:02 03 Apr 2007

But if the 'right ink' cost about £40 for 2 replacement cartridges (when you can replace the printer for £30)surely you would be tempted to try to reduce costs?

  willyv 12:22 03 Apr 2007

Has anyone used the BROTHER DCP 115 Inkjet All in One Printer. Im thinking of getting one as a replacement.

  Ank45 12:30 03 Apr 2007


You may try restoring the Printer Settings to its defaults settings. Also I would suggest you to buy Ink Cartridges for your Dell Printer from Dell only due to compatibility issues.

  Kate B 12:36 03 Apr 2007

I agree, it seems like madness. But you risk trashing your printer, as you've discovered.

  willyv 13:39 03 Apr 2007

True enough matey.

  jack 14:21 03 Apr 2007

I seem to recall a similar problem with a 'Dell' printer last week -was this you.

From what I can recall and in the 'Dell site' I see this is a bubble-jet printer- possibly a re-badged HP or Lexmark.
Bubble jet printers come with the head as part of the cartridge.
Therefore jet cleaning after a print failure means cleaning the jets that are in the head.
Thus if a print failure happens again with a replacement cartridge, I would suspect this is more likely to be a software problem, not a cartridge/ink problem.
Have you deleted the software and re installed during all this.
If so have you carried out the re-installation exactly per the install instructions?

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