More MS-WORD formatting problem,,,,

  Furkin 11:12 04 Nov 2008

This is getting a bit ridiculous now,,,, I just went to open a letterhead of mine (quite an old one) & the e-mail address on it is now in some ‘format’ mode instead of the normal mode = (not the quote marks) “”{HYPERLINK “mailto: ?)!%(&” } “”

In a previous HELP post concerning ‘images’ in similar formatting mode, I was pointed to ctrl+shift+F9, which brings the images up ‘as normal’ – though I shouldn’t need to do that every-time I cut’n’paste an image.

As I say, this isn’t a new letterhead & has always been ‘normal’ in the past.
I am still getting problems with MACRO Disabling etc and am assuming (maybe wrongly) that it is connected.

Any more ideas please ?

  VoG II 11:17 04 Nov 2008

Tools > Options > View tab > untick Field Codes.

  Furkin 20:00 04 Nov 2008

cheers VoG,,,, I wonder which twerp ticked that box ?!?! (actually - it's not the sort of thing you click by accident !)

Have ticked Resolved.


Whilst you'r there,,, know anything about MACRO's please ?

I thought I had a separate post running, but can't find now.

Whenever I open my 2002 MS-Word, I get MACRO pop-ups (x 6) asking me if I want to disable.
So far, I have been clicking on No,,,, just to carry on. I'm a bit worried about deleting them, as they all have .ddl at the end of the file name.

Any ideas please ?

thanks again mate,,,,,,,,,

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