More Memory ? & how many sticks?

  CRAIGY 02:02 30 Aug 2003

I have a Asus A7n8x mobo and have 1 stick of 512mb of 3200 ddr memory. I was thinking of getting more memory to use dual channel mode. But should i buy 2x256mb to fill up the other 2 slots or buy 1 stick of 512? 02:06 30 Aug 2003

If one fails its cheaper to replace.

  CRAIGY 02:09 30 Aug 2003

Cheers for the fast reply, would it still run in dual mode though? would the bios register that i'm trying to run dual channel mode or would it just think single channel, but at least its 1gb of memory?

  CRAIGY 20:06 30 Aug 2003

If it helps my board is the A7n8x Deluxe 2.0 rev.

  hugh-265156 20:13 30 Aug 2003

im not well up on this but i beleive that to run the memory in dual ch mode,you will need two identical sticks of ram.

  powerless 20:16 30 Aug 2003
  CRAIGY 20:21 30 Aug 2003

In my Manual it says "To enhance system performance, utilize dual-channel features when installing additional DIMMS. You may install the DIMS in the following sequence: sockets 1&3 or 2&3 or 1,2&3"
what i want to know is would 2x256 and my 512 work in dual channel or can i only use 2 512mb's to get it?

  minter 20:28 30 Aug 2003

For dual channel you must have two identical sticks (same mb and speed), preferably by the same manufacturer as well.

You will also find that you usually have to use slots 1 and 3, rather than 1 and 2. This may depend on your mobo, if you have the install instructions check them. Otherwise take a deko at the Asus website and download a manual, if they do one.

  Rayuk 20:28 30 Aug 2003

The Asus is very picky with ram.
To run dual memory buy another 512Mb stick exact same as you already have.
Or you can buy 2x256Mb sticks I think its the 512Mb in Socket 1 and the 2 x 256 in sockets 2&3.

Did have a 512Mb Corsair but would not work with 2 x 256Mb Twinx sticks[yet it will in an MSI NForce2board]

Just make sure you can swap out memory before you buy it.

  CRAIGY 20:36 30 Aug 2003

thanks for that, does anyone use GEIL memory? it's what i'm using at the moment.

  Rayuk 20:37 30 Aug 2003

Have a look
click here
may help you out a bit

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