More HDD Trouble

  Gugs 22:46 03 Feb 2004

98SE. I crippled one of my HDD operating systems when I ran 'RoxiZap' (yes-I was warned) and although I could boot, a lot of the system was non operative.(C Drive operating in compatibility mode) I have tried a fresh install and though the PC is taken through the normal sequence when booting from a start-up disk - Fdisk & Format etc and makes all the expected responses - the Hard Disc still retains all its data, but what had remained of the original OS appears to have vanished and I can't replace it. I have tried both Xcopy and XXcopy . Any ideas please?.

  gold 47 23:29 03 Feb 2004

If you have used fdisk and deleted the dos partition created a new dos partition and activated it and formated there is no way that the
hard drive would retain data then put the W98 floppy in followed by W98 cd rom.
Im i misunderstanding you.

  Gugs 23:40 03 Feb 2004

I think that you are with me. My reaction was the same as yours. That's why, after several attempts,
I asked for help. Anyway I'll have another go tomorrow. Cheers.

  Chegs ® 00:45 04 Feb 2004
  Gugs 09:18 04 Feb 2004

Thanks both. Tried again using different start-up floppy (then XXcopy) and all went according to plan. Regards.

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