more computer problems

  scooby43 19:57 27 Sep 2003

hi I have even more problems ill do them steps to make it easier.

1) cant update AVG Virus Scan when tring it says server mismatch

2) norton personal firewall 2003 cant update error LU6002 Live update was unable to extract the files verify that you disk is not full and that you have sufficent access rights on this machine. it is reccommened that only users with power users or adminstrators rights to run live update.

3) I did a virus scan using my avg however it didnt find any viruses.

4) I tried going to systematic update to use there free online virus scan I couldnt do because it said your current secruity settings prohibt Active X control from running there fore the page you are viewing may not be displayed correctly.

erm I dont know what to do next I felt like formating my hard drive again :(

anyone have any ideas

  scooby43 20:06 27 Sep 2003

I have also tried a system restore

  MAJ 20:44 27 Sep 2003

Hi scooby43, because of the ActiveX error in your fourth point and the problem with AVG in your first, I would guess it's a firewall problem (just a guess mind you). Have you tried turning off the firewall temporarily to see if you can connect to AVG and also to the Symantec free on-line scanner? You could also try Stinger click here to check for the latest viruses. Also just to mention that at times I also have been experiencing problems getting updates from AVG, but I think the servers were just busy as a re-try later on usually succeeds.

  scooby43 20:52 27 Sep 2003

Hi MAJ yep just tried avg as I am replying here and infact it just worked possably the avg server was down or something erm is there anyway to find out about what version of active control I have tried looking at the secruity in internet options but no luck as mentioned in my first post

  scooby43 20:53 27 Sep 2003

ohwell norton is working too :) again must be there server just active control to fix now :P

  MAJ 20:57 27 Sep 2003

Have you tried turning off the firewall to see if you can connecct to the on-line scan, yet, scooby43?

  scooby43 21:09 27 Sep 2003

hi MAJ just running an online virus check comps are weird arnt they thanks for your help :P

  MAJ 21:12 27 Sep 2003

Happy to help, scooby43, hope your scan is all clear. :-)

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