More AOL Problems

  Tony W. 11:39 30 Jun 2010

For the past couple of weeks I have been experiencing major connection problems.Each time I contact AOL support we go through the same procedure (disconnect all cables from the router etc then reconnect)which temporarily rectifies the problem.But its not long before the problem is back again.

Today I was put through to the second level support whatever that means and they told me that the cause of the problem is probably that I'm using the secondary BT socket in my flat and not the main one.And the signals are not as strong on secondary sockets.Even though for the past three years there have been no problems when using it.

Can anybody tell me if there is any possibility that this is the cause of the problem I don't understand what the difference is.I can change the sockets but it will mean repositioning my computer and other furniture.

  RobCharles1981 11:46 30 Jun 2010

Can you post your line stats from your router if possible???

  Tony W. 11:50 30 Jun 2010


Thank you.

Really sorry but where would I get the line stats for the router from.


  RobCharles1981 11:52 30 Jun 2010

What Router Is it ???

  Tony W. 12:22 30 Jun 2010


Its a Netgear DG834G V4 which was recommended by AOL.

Its about a year old and was previously used for most of the time on my old Windows XP system now using Windows 7 when most of the connection problems seem to have started.

Thank you.

  RobCharles1981 13:51 30 Jun 2010

To Get Your Line Stats Follow This:

There is a page within the router GUI that displays the line stats. Click the link below.

click here

If you are prompted to login, the username is admin and the password is password.

  Tony W. 14:53 30 Jun 2010


Thanks for your help so far here are the Routers Stats.
*System Up Time* 03:39:28
Port Status TxPkts RxPkts Collisions Tx B/s Rx B/s Up Time
WAN PPPoA 33761 43766 0 456 3300 03:38:42
LAN 10M/100M 44199 37659 0 3368 587 03:39:21
WLAN 11M/54M 0 0 0 0 0 03:39:12

ADSL Link Downstream Upstream
Connection Speed 7200 kbps 448 kbps
Line Attenuation 10.0 db 6.5 db
Noise Margin 12.4 db 29.0 db

  Dipso 19:05 30 Jun 2010

Your line stats show you have a downstream attenuation of 10db which is very good and you should get a very good connection speed from your line.

It's true that you get the best connection from your main socket and it's possible that the extension the second socket has deteriorated more recently.

If you have the newer style master socket, you could try following this guide click here and removing any spare wires that may be connected to the removeable faceplate.

If there are no extra wires other than the 2 in the diagram then you could try changing your filter perhaps.

If this doesn't help matters, try and reposition the router and PC temporarily near the master socket and see if the connection is more stable form there.

IF you need any help, just holler and myself of Rob will try and help you further.

  Tony W. 16:38 01 Jul 2010

Thank you Rob and Dipso.

I appreciate your help and assistance.

The computer will be repositioned at the weekend.


  gordon2210 14:41 02 Jul 2010

I know of someone else who had the same problem..He had to phone his telephone providers (bt) and get them to check the line.
turned out that the junction box was faulty.
That was the junction box outside of the house and it was bt's problem.
If your router and board are working fine it could be that.

  Tony W. 15:39 02 Jul 2010


Thank you.

Coincidently in a subsequent call to AOL they suggested the same thing. But after contacting BT they say there is nothing wrong with the line and to get back to AOL.

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