more about Trojan horse Downloader.Generic5.DAW.

  palinka 22:29 19 Jul 2007

I wrote last week about the Trojan horse Downloader.Generic5.DAW that appeared suddenly on my pc, and was reassured by VOG that as it was now in the AVG virus vault all would be well if i deleted my restore points, etc, etc. I did that.
I said at the time that i didn't know where it had come from. Yesterday I tried to install Sygate personal Firewall, that I had downloaded about that time, onto my sister's pc. AS soon as I dragged the program onto her desktop from the CD I'd burned, and even before opening it, there was a warning that AVG had detected Trojan horse Downloader.Generic5.DAW - apparently in that program; or elsewhere on the disk , maybe.
I've now scanned the disk on my own pc, using AVG, and it shows no problems.
Could it be false positive from her copy of AVG?
Or could it be in some way connected with a different problem that she has: click here click here
(Thanks for helpful reply to that, VOG.)
Clutching at straws really.

  Jack Hackett 00:08 20 Jul 2007

Ive seen a LOT of AVG users getting this Downloader.Generic5.DAW warning of late, almost certainly a False Positive.

If you suspect a file to be a false positive. Test the file at click here and if it is a false positive, archive (zip, arc, tar etc) the file using a password and email a copy to [email protected] with a brief description as well as the password you used to archive it with.

If it is a false positive , turn off heuristic scanning for the time being. When Grisoft adjusts the virus definitions you can turn it back on. If turning off Heuristics still doesn't allow access to the file while testing and emailing... disable the resident shield temporarily.

  palinka 09:29 20 Jul 2007

thanks very much , Jack Hackett.

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